Years of Professional Experience and Knowledge

The law firm of Volovelsky, Dinstein & Co. was founded in 1996 and has since provided legal representation and support to businesspeople, real estate and hi-tech entrepreneurs in all matters related to commercial and civil law, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship agreements, collaborations, international contracts, litigation, family wealth management and financial conflicts.
The firm was established by Dr. Eddo Dinstein, Adv. and Shay Volovelsky, Adv., both of whom have amassed vast experience and extensive professional knowledge over their years of activity. We operate as a boutique firm; and consequently, our clients benefit from personal service and attention, from the firm’s senior attorneys.

Your Interests are our Top Priority

Over the years, we have assisted hi-tech companies, startups, businesspeople and real estate projects from the beginning of their journey. We offer professional business guidance that will propel your company or business forward, while ensuring that you arrive at each business deal or discussion with a cohesive and intelligent strategy. We support companies on an ongoing basis, providing them with business and legal support both in times of business crises and conflicts and during IPOs and mergers & acquisitions. Our extensive familiarity with these areas ensures that we will provide you with a perspective that is based on our vast experience accumulated during tumultuous times experienced by the Israeli and international hi-tech and real estate markets. We are committed to providing excellent uncompromising service, which puts your interests first and enable you to reach intelligent decisions that will propel you forward, before the rest.

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